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On January 1, 1963, A. J. Duplantier, Jr., F. J. Hrapmann, Jr., and W. R. Hogan, Jr., joined their separate individual practices into a partnership under the firm name Duplantier, Hrapmann & Hogan. At inception, the firm was comprised of the three named partners and a total of eight employees. On January 1, 1974, the name of the firm was changed to Duplantier, Hrapmann, Hogan & Maher, LLP to reflect the addition of James Maher, Jr. as a partner.  Since that time, the firm’s growth has been rapid and continuous.  Duplantier, Hrapmann, Hogan and Maher, LLP now has four offices throughout southeast Louisiana, eight partners and over 65 employees.

Our firm is a member in good standing with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ Private Firms Practice Section. The primary objectives of this Section are to ensure that a firm’s professional personnel attend a required number of Continuing Professional Education courses and that the member firms adhere to a comprehensive quality control policy. To ensure that the firm is in compliance with this policy, member firms must submit to a Peer Review by a team of outside professional certified public accountants who make a detailed and comprehensive examination of firm operations and quality control. Peer Reviews are administered every three (3) years. We are pleased to report that we have passed each such Peer Review by being issued the highest quality opinion that can be attained through this process.

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